COVID-19 Statement - Updated 1st August 2020

Although our office is open as normal, we would appreciate a call before any visits to our office to ensure we can protect visitors accordingly.
We continue to offer our 24 hour service.
Face Coverings/Masks - from 8th August 2020, the UK Governement has made it mandatory for face coverings/masks to be worn by all visitors to a Funeral Home. Whilst it is not a requirement for staff working within the Funeral Home wear one, you may request that our staff wear a mask at the same time, especially if your are in vunerable catagory or have been shielding.
We continue to follow all the adivce and expectations in ensuring that our Funeral Home is a safe place for you to visit, including keeping visitors to a maximum of 2 at the same time, use of hand santiser, cleaning all areas on a regular basis and maintaining current social distancing advice.
We continue to ask that only 2 members of a family visit our Funeral Home at any time and appoitnments are made to ensure we provide that safe environment.
As always, we strive to make your visit as confortable as possible - we appreicate that having to visit a funeral home is never an easy experience but will work alongside you to make is as bearable as we can.
We continue to offer arrangements over the phone or online and now permitted to visit you in your home, if that is preferable.
The process of registering a death has been temporarily amended at this time and details of this process can be found on our Registrations page - Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance with this.
We are experienced and prepared to take care of people who have died under all circumstances, including with COVID-19. At all times we will look after your loved one in a caring and dignified manner.

All the required paperwork for a cremation can be completed via email.

During this time, whilst we can offer family cars/limousines, we would ask that only members of the same household journey in each car used.

If you find yourself having to engage our services for someone who has died, we are required to ask you for information regarding their own as well as household members health to ensure we protect both you and our staff.

We continue to maintain the very highest standards of hygiene to ensure we comply with all current legislation and we follow all specific guidance from SAIF and NAFD, our professional bodies, as well as Public Health England.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make any necessary adjustments, communicating anything that may directly affect those using our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on 01823 530100 or through our contact page.