A Little History

Crescent Funeral Services - Established 2016

twill2 History of Crescent Fuenrals |  Crescent Funeral Services

Simon was born and raised in Taunton, he and his family are well known around the town and the family still live here to this day.

Simon’s journey into the world of funerals began in 1994 when he took a work experience placement with a Taunton company. From this time Simon was set on having a life-long career as a Funeral Director serving his home town of Taunton.

After several years in Taunton, Simon was given a wonderful opportunity by a large company, based in London, to progress his skills and training and to further his career.

Whilst in London, Simon progressed through the ranks and had roles including Chauffeur/Bearer, Mortuary Manager, looking after 40 funeral homes and then finally his dream job of Funeral Director looking after 7 busy East London funeral Homes.

During this time, Simon gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the varied way that different communities and cultures manage and arrange their funeral services as well as developing an appreciation for working with people from many different backgrounds.

Following a family bereavement, Simon realised it was time to return to Somerset and in 2003 he was able to transfer within the company to the beautiful city of Bath where he was Community Manager and Funeral Director for three funeral homes in and around the Bath area.

In 2006 Simon was given the opportunity he always longed for, to return to Taunton to become a Funeral Director in his home town!

Taking up the position with the well known Independent Funeral Director, Nigel K Ford, he was to spend the next 10 years serving the people of the town at their time of need. In 2014, Nigel K Ford Funeral Director's, took a different path and become part of a larger company, Dignity Funerals Limited.

In 2016 following the wonderful support from those closest to him, Simon was able to establish and begin a new business in the town, Crescent Funeral Services was born!

Simon along with his colleagues would like for Crescent Funeral Services to become the comfortable place for the people of Taunton to find the care and utmost attention for their needs.

lace-sep History of Crescent Fuenrals |  Crescent Funeral Services

“The greatest privilege for a Funeral Director is to serve the community they were born into and to care and make life easier for those at their time of need.

A funeral director does not look for thanks, a smile and the knowledge that the family feel the best has been done to make their hardest of days more bearable is the best thank you we could ask for".

Simon Helliar-Moore, 2016.

lace-sep History of Crescent Fuenrals |  Crescent Funeral Services