Thinking Outside The Box!

The end of May saw the National Campaign of Dying Matters Week, a week that is set out to encourage open conversation about Death and Dying.

Crescent Funeral Services in Taunton wanted to have something that lasted more than just a week, allowing people to have the opportunity to take something to work on and discuss in their own home and with those closest to them, without the pressures of financial commitment and time restrictions. Between the staff team, they have devised a handy booklet which allows for those wanting to write down details relating to their funeral wishes, whilst providing helpful information to those left behind.

Funeral Director Simon Helliar-Moore told Tone News: “Many people struggle to approach the subject of death and what they might want from a Funeral Service. Maybe they don’t want a funeral service at all or perhaps they just want their wishes to be known without having to have the conversation in person with a Funeral Director. We hope this booklet will allow people who want to think about end of life be the resource to get everything written down, so that they have peace of mind that their wishes are available to their family when their time comes.”

If this booklet opens up discussion and assists with putting people at ease, then we are providing the service we want for the community of Taunton. For a copy of the booklet call in at Crescent Funeral Service, call us on 01823 530100 or navigate to our page, where you can download a copy for yourself.

James and Robert with copies of our My Wishes Booklet