Making a Donation

To ensure the process of making a donation is as simple as possible for you, we are able to accept payments through a wide range of methods.

We can accept payment via cash, cheque, bank transfer, Debit or Credit Card. Please contact us if you required our donation bank account details to make a donation via bank transfer. Cash and Cheque payments should be sent to our office address as shown below, with details of the person's name you would like to make the donation in memory of.

There will also be a donation collection box available at the Funeral Service itself. If the family have asked us to set up an online obituary, donations can be made via JustGiving on their personal page. Please note that not all families will have asked us to set up an online obituary.



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You will be asked for the name of the person you are making the payment in memory of, along with the amount that you will be paying.

On clicking 'Make Donation' below, you will be automatically be redirected to the secure payment page, where you will be asked to provide your card, address and e-mail details.

Make A Donation