The Crescent Direct Cremation - An Unattended Service

This option is suitable for those who do not wish for a formal service and just wish for the quiet dignity of cremation. This type of service is unattended and commonly known as a Direct Cremation.

The Crescent Direct Cremation Service includes:

All services of the Funeral Director up to and including the day of the Cremation

All fees for the Crematorium

Coffin suitable for Cremation

Medical Certificates for Cremation

Collection and Care of the Cremated Remains in our Funeral Home 

Access to our complimentary and confidential Bereavement Service

Direct Cremation Service


Our Professional Fees for the Crescent Direct Service: £553           Third Party Fees*: £597        Total Inclusive Cost: £1150

For our Direct Cremation Service, the Cremation may take place at either Taunton Deane Crematorium or Sedgemoor Crematorium, depending on the availability at either location. Both Crematoria, for a Direct Cremation, do not permit the attendance of any persons at the service, other than the Funeral Director and staff. Additional charges, beyond our control, may be added by the Crematorium if there is anyone else in attendance at a Direct Cremation and these charges will be added to the Funeral Account.

Payment in full for our Direct Cremation Service is required before the cremation service can take place.

Services such as Floral tributes and newspaper announcements are very personal choices that a family can make and is why we do not include them in our inclusive service above.

From a single red rose to an elaborate coffin spray, a simple line of thanks or full obituary, we are here to guide you through these decisions, helping you to create a service as unique as your loved one.

Please complete our contact form to ask us for more information about these services, including examples and associated cost.

* Third party fees consist of the following and may vary depending on personal choices made by you at the time of the arrangement: Direct Cremation Service at Taunton Deane Crematorium, Monday – Friday 8am – 8:45am (£515), and Statutory Medical Certificates (£82). Medical Certificates are not required in certain circumstances and will not be charged in these cases.  These fees are set independently by the third party and may be subject to charge.

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