Choosing a Burial Service

Traditional Chuch Burial Service

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Burial is a very traditional and permanent way of remembering a loved one.

Whether in a Churchyard or Cemetery, you are able to know that the physical remains rest beneath the ground and that your chosen memorial stone marks the exact spot for you to pay your respects.

A family may choose a grave that is prepared deep enough to take other members of the family, allowing individuals to be united in one grave.

A Churchyard burial will follow Church traditions and a family will be asked to keep their memorial ideas in line with the style already present.

A Cemetery burial often allows for different kinds of memorials and a deed is generally provided for a family to own the grave that normally lasts for 75 years. Burial can often be the more costly option, due to the lack of grave space in many towns and Churchyards.

twill2 About Burial |  Crescent Funeral Services

Taunton Dean Crematorium - Cemetary

An example of a traditional Cemetery.