Photographic Tributes and Media Options

There are a range of options that are available to display media at the Funeral Service. Adding a photo presentation or video clips of your loved one can really add that individual and personal touch to a service.

The photographs and/or video clips you provide will be professionally edited to create a photo tribute you will love and the option to add the favourite piece of music is also available. Two large, high definition TV screens will display the tribute during the service.

A digital copy of a tribute can be obtained, either on a USB stick or DVD, allowing you to view it again, at any time.

A range of tributes are available:

  • A single photo that is shown throughout the service.
  • A simple slideshow of up to 50 photographs, either played on a loop throughout the service, or played once at a time of the family’s choosing.
  • A professional video-style photo tribute of up to 50 photographs, set to music of your choice, played once during the service, at a time of the family’s choosing.
  • A video supplied by the family, please once, at a time of their choosing.

Whatever you choose, we will guide you through the process of creating your photo tribute. For example, you may have many photographs available in their physical form and we can assist in converting and editing them into digital format suitable for the tribute. Please ask for more details.

With many families having relatives and friends living across the world, it can be difficult for some to attend the service and say goodbye in person. Our crematorium allows them to watch a high-quality live stream of the funeral service, filmed by a camera discretely place at the back for the service chapel. Access to the live feed is available by an on-line portal and a username and password is provided for you to send to friends and family. Anyone with a modern computer, tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection will be able to watch.

Viewers can log-in ahead of time to check they can view a test webcast, so they know they’re ready for the live feed of the Funeral Service. The live video feed will start approximately 10 minutes before the service start time.

There is an option all allow those with the log in details to watch again afterwards for another 28 days. This will be made available approximately two working days to allow for some small amount of editing and personalisation of the video.

The high-quality recording of the Funeral Service can be provided for on either a DVD, Blue-ray or USB stick, allowing you to cherish the memory of the service, forever. This is normally available between 7 – 14 days after the service has taken place.

Digital conversion, editing and uploading of photographs  - £20.00 if not included in profesional services

1 – 25 photo simple tribute - £60.00

26 – 50 photo simple tribute - £95.00

1 – 25 photo professional tribute - £95.00

26 – 50 photo professional tribute - £115.00

Playing a family supplied video - £34.00

Copy of the photo tribute supplied on either Memory Stick or DVD - £30.00 including postage

Webcast of live service - currently free of charge

Webcast of live service and 28 day watch again - £79.00

Provision of Webcast and supplied on DVD/Blue-ray or USB - £100.00 including postage

Provision of audio only recording of the service - £52.00

Provision of DVD of the service (without Webcast) - £71.00 including postage

The above prices relate to services provided at Taunton Deane Crematorium. Other charges may apply at a different location. Please ask us for details.