The Crescent Countryside Service

With the acknowledgement of a changing world, at Crescent Funeral Services we aim to assist those who hold the care and preservation of the environemnt as a priority, by providing a Funeral experience with respect of the environment at its heart.

We have produced, what we believe to be, an earth friendly service, providing local and low carbon footprint services to take into consideration the beliefs of those wishing to be mindful of environmental issues surrounding the death of someone close to them and reducing the environemntal impact its various components have on it.

Arrangements for the funeral can be made at the Funeral Home or, if you prefer, in the comfort of your own home.

Woodland Funeral

The Somerset Countryside Funeral includes

Professional Services of the Funeral Director up to and including the day of the Service

Conveyance to the Funeral Home and continued care of the person who has died

Facilities to you to participate in the care for your loved one prior to the funeral taking place

Burial plot, grave preparation and burial in a local Somerset 'Green Burial Ground' in Westcombe Hill Nature Reserve, Somerton or Higher Ground Meadow, Dorchester, Dorchester, both of which are members of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds

A coffin made from a sustainable, locally sourced material, such as Willow

Preparation of the person who has died, kept to a minimum

A simple shroud for dressing the person who has died in, made from sustainable and untreated material

Natural Graveside setting for a ceremony of your choice

Conveyance to the Graveside in our low emission vehicle

Aftercare and advice from SAIFCare, our independent, confidential and complimentary bereavement support service



Inclusive cost for the Crescent Countryside Funeral - £3750.00

We appreciate that you may not require all of the services included in our Countryside Service and ask us to assist in just one or two aspects of the arrangements and/or service. We pride ourselves in being flexible in our arrangements and encourage you to contact us directly or take a look at 'A Guide to our Services' booklet for the individual cost of the services above.

For those wishing to make personal choices of an alternative coffin or burial ground sourced from outside of Somerset, may attract an additional charge to allow for courier services and/or mileage incurred. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

More information about natural burial can be found on the website of the Natural Death Centre.


Services such as Floral tributes and newspaper announcements, are very personal choices that a family can make and is why we do not include them in our inclusive service above.

From a single red rose to a elaborate coffin spray, a simple line of thanks or full page obituary, we are here to guide you through these decisions, helping you to create a service as unique as your loved one.

Please complete our contact form to ask us for more information about these services, including examples and associated cost. 

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