The Crescent Direct Service

For some, gathering at a crematorium or church and holding a service to remember their loved one is not always a desired option or it was the person who has died that expressed a wish that they did not want a formal funeral service.

At Crescent Funeral Services we understand this and therefore, offer the low-key option of a direct cremation.

The Crescent Direct service will provide a family with our professional services at the time of death or conveyance from the mortuary and  will simply arrange for a coffin to transfer their loved one directly to the crematorium, without ceremony or fuss, but respectfully and in keeping with the required regulations.

We will take the greatest of care to ensure swift arrangements are made for the family to collect the cremated remains, if that is their wish.

The Direct Cremation will include:

  • Conveyance of the body from the place of death.
  • Straightforward guidance to the family for administrative needs
  • Provision of a coffin suitable for cremation
  • Respectful transportation of the coffin to the crematorium
  • Collection of the cremated remains on behalf of the family if required

This option does not include the use of the Crematorium Chapel or provision of a funeral service.

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Crescent Funeral Services can provide this 'Direct Service' for £995 - Fixed Price