Infant or Young Person's Service


From time to time we have the sad task of helping a family through the loss of a young person or infant.

We understand that for many this kind of death can never be seen as the “natural order” and even if that young person or infant has been unwell with a terminal illness, the death of someone so young brings devastation into a family’s life.

At Crescent Funeral Services we will take care of all of the arrangements and provide our services free of any charge for any death that occurs under the age of 16 years.

We will provide a coffin suitable for the young person or infant

We will provide around the clock care and attention to the family

We will allow visits in our Resting Room without charge no matter the time of day

We will provide the Hearse and One Car for the family to travel in to the service

External Payments will be open to negotiation with the various third parties i.e, Doctors, Ministers, Cemetery/Crematorium and Florists.