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The Crescent Coffin and Urn Selection

Although at Crescent Funeral Services, our inclusive funeral services provide a coffin tailored to the individual choice, we also have an varied selection available to our families who decide for a bespoke approach to arrangements. If you would like more information about the individual cost for each option, please click here to download the details.
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A Range of Traditional Options

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The Holway

The Holway - Elm effect covering, suitable for cremation. Fitted with Fleur de Lys coffin furnishings.

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The Wilton

The Wilton - Oak, real wood veneer with a raised top, suitable for cremation or burial.

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The Vivary

The Vivary - A traditional real wood veneer coffin, with moulded side panels and raised top, suitable for cremation or burial.

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The Tone White

The Tone White - A white foil coffin with moulded panels and top, suitable for cremation or burial.

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The Blagdon Solid Oak Coffin

The Blagdon Soild Oak Coffin - A Traditional coffin made from solid oak with side panels and raised top, drop bar handles and luxury lining, suitable for burial.

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The Pitminster Mahogany

The Pitminster Mahogany - A traditional hardwood coffin with moulded panels and raised top, drop bar handles, suitable for cremation or burial.

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The Taunton Casket

The Taunton Casket - The ultimate choice for burial, a solid wood casket, avaiable in a variety of high quality woods, with fixed bar handles, hinged domed lid, luxury interior with adjustable matress and locking mechinism. This casket is only suitable for burial.

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The Thurlbear Natural Coffin

The Thurlbear Natural Coffin - A traditional wooden constructed coffin, with wooden furnishings and finsihed naturally without veneer or coloured staining. A suitable choice for those who appreciate wood in its natural state.

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A Range of Sustainable Options

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The Wool Coffin

The Wool Coffin - Made from British sourced wool, covering the interior strucutre made from sustainable material.

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Natural Willow Coffin

Natural Willow Coffin - Build from localaly grown wicker on the Somerset Levels and provided by Musgrove Willows, based in the heart of the levels.

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The Cardboard Coffin

The Cardboard Coffin - Constructed from a simple cardboard material. Available in its natural form or as a colourful coffin option.